Training Methode - THE HOGA PRGM

At HOGA - House of Gentle Arts, you can learn the martial art Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in over 25 different lessons per week, relax with yoga or completely exhaust yourself with Muay Thai. Before, after or in between, you can work in the internal co-working space (designed by

But HOGA is even more. We believe in the combination of:

  • Learning and perfecting a technique
  • Developing physical strength
  • Developing mental strength
  • Getting enough rest
  • Healthy nutrition

That's why we develop the HOGA programme with various partners.


Are you interested in participating in the HOGA programme? Then register by email at
  1. Review of your BJJ A-Game
  2. Personal strength training program to address your weaknesses
  3. Therapy sessions with mental coach and tips for inner strength
  4. Massages, exercises and nutritional supplements for your recovery
  5. Analysis of your individual nutritional needs
Entry package from CHF 550
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