1. it will probably change your life:
After a few months of BJJ you will start to look at life and people with different eyes. What does that mean? Probably a little different for everyone. Find out for yourself.

2. it is the most efficient way of self-defence:
The best solution is always not to let it come to a fight at all. But if it does, you are superior to 99% of all other people in ground fighting, no matter how big and strong you are.

3. you go beyond your limits:
You think you know what your body is capable of? When you start BJJ & Grappling you will realise that you have never used it to its full potential.

4. your confidence will be boosted:
People panic or are afraid when they find themselves in a threatening scenario. Why? They don't know what to do. know When you master BJJ, you will never be afraid of another person again.

5. you will strengthen your mental skills and learn to solve problems quickly :
Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is often compared to a game of chess. It's your mind against someone else's mind. Your mental skills determine your next move, as well as your opponent's. 6.

6. BJJ increases your self-discipline:
Get out of your comfort zone and pursue your goals! Are you tired? Don't feel like it? No matter! BJJ is a complex martial art and you will only get better if you train regularly. You will see, it will be worth it!

7. you will become more patient and calm
Sometimes a situation during a fight seems hopeless. But at some point there comes a moment when your opponent makes a small mistake, gives you a millimetre of space, is inattentive for a second. You wait for that and turn the fight in your favour.

8. get in shape:
It doesn't matter at all whether you are in top shape or a couch potato. If you start with BJJ, you start on field 1.

9. your stress level is reduced:
BJJ is said to be the best therapy. You train with concentration and dedication and all your problems and worries are melted away. After the training you are relaxed and can face your challenges in everyday life more easily.

10. the training is fun:
We are a fun and relaxed community. We train in a concentrated and focused way, but not doggedly.

11. you learn humility and modesty:
Your biggest enemy? Your ego! You will train with men and women who are supposedly weaker, but who don't give you a chance in sparring. This knowledge will help you to control your ego, because social status does not matter on the tatami.