This programme is for women only. We prove that you don't have to be strong, fit or in shape to face a bigger opponent. Women learn self-defence based on Jiu-Jitsu techniques. The goal is to neutralise and control the most common threat scenarios.

  • With Leverage & Technique, size and strength do not matter.
  • Self-defence starts with the belief that you are worth defending.
  • Invest in your personal safety to reduce a risk of violence.
  • It is your right to defend yourself. There is no right or wrong.
  • As a woman, it is not your responsibility to prevent an assault.
  • Sexual assault is NEVER the survivor's fault.


  • Students will learn basic, intermediate and advanced self-defense techniques.
  • Understand basic concepts and principles.Introduce students to all positions and situations.
  • Build coordination, flexibility and resiliency.Students will create awareness of dangerous situations.
  • Build self-confidence and emotional control. 


  • Basic, intermediate and advanced self-defence techniques.
  • Sexual harassment awareness.
  • Attacks, defence techniques and escape from any position.
  • Basic Jiu-Jitsu movements.
  • Core concepts and principles.
  • Positional, situational and live reflex training.
  • Mobility and agility exercises.

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